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Introductory Class

You can set up an INTRODUCTORY CLASS for your child at 50% OFF for only $18.99. JUST FILL THE FORM!

The classes are divided into three groups based on age and skill level with age brackets: 4-5, 6-9, and 10-14. For 45 minutes to an hour, our highly trained coaches will work on various fundamentals and skills that cater to each member of the group. During the session, a coach will conduct an evaluation to find the best fit for your child.

Introductory Developmental League Game (D-League)

You can set up an INTRODUCTORY GAME for your child at 50% OFF for only $15.

Introducing D-LEAGUE: the ultimate basketball training program for aspiring young athletes who want to take their game to the next level. Our year-round 5x5 exhibition-based league emphasizes player development over winning, providing a platform for players from different Royal locations to come together and play matches, making each game a unique experience to showcase their skills.

For Advance (2x a week) and Rookie (unlimited) Plan members ages 6-14 years old will have unlimited access to exclusive 5x5 D-League every Saturday at two of our premier locations - De Toledo High School and J Los Angeles.Every week player will be assigned to a team , we prioritize player development and offer expert guidance to help players reach the next step of the game time and join Royal Teams and tournaments in the near future…

Join D-LEAGUE today and experience the ultimate basketball training program that is all about improving skills, enhancing game experience, and taking their basketball skills to the next level.


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